Well Kasabian is damn right! Rock & Roll do send us insane! Hi! How are you? I’m so excited!! I am going to see them today in like 5/6 hours, I’d never saw them live before!

Today the picture was taken by Aditya Chinchure. All the pictures I upload are from and I just add some phrases. Go check the site, It’s so cool! The pictures are in an excellent quality and If you have some pretty good pictures you can share them with everyone!

Well, I guess that’s all, have a nice Thursday!

J –


New adventures


Hello there!

I tried to post this picture before but something wasn’t right. Anyway, I fixed it, Yaaaay! The picture was taken by Jacalin Beales and I added some magic on it with the  phrase haha

Do you ever feel like you are stucked? Like there’s no excitement in your life. Well it happens a lot to me. Right now I am in my last year of architecture and honestly I am just lost. The only thing I want to do is travel the world but I have to graduate and I am not focus on that. Well, I really reeeeeeally need new adventures.

I’m moving from my childhood home, so that is my actual adventure. So far is not fun, It is just messy and full of boxes. I hope I have my fresh start, as you can see, I need it.

Hope you have an excellent Thursday! I have a concert today so that is cool, plus i’m going alone and I’ve never did that! That is going to be today’s adventure without a doubt!

Rock on!

J –


Feeling Alive


Hello everyone!

This is the first post and I’m thrilled. The picture was taken by Delfina Iacub. I’ll be posting the names of the photographers. I don’t take the pictures, I just edit them.

Spring and Autumn just started, it depends where you live. Here, spring is coming along and I’m happy. Autumn and Spring are my favorite seasons. Go to those places that make you feel happy. It doesn’t have to be always a breathtaking landscape, maybe some place in your city makes you feel alive too. We have to look for those places, ‘cause they are out there, waiting to be found.

Have a really nice day!

J –